awake yourself
Awake Yourself is a 12-session course that guides you in specific essential oil application on acupuncture points on the body.

You will experience how to release negative attachments, build healthy boundaries with people, release and forgive those who have hurt you, igniting your soul on fire with passion for living, unlock your creativity and intuition, have complete confidence in your abilities, dramatically improve your communication, live in abundance, and understand how to flow with life.

Every thought and emotion has a certain frequency of vibration. When using the appropriate essential oil combined with strategic location of application, you can shift the frequency of your thought and emotions.
"Awake Yourself Course was such a wonderful experience for my husband and myself. We did the protocols together and then compared our results. Not only did it wake up our senses, it also made an already great relationship even better. Radical Forgiveness was huge for me. It was a great release for me. Then Calm the Soul was perfect follow up. My hubby’s favorite was Ignite the Soul. After doing this module, he was so passionate. It really did awake all of our senses. We have been able to help so many others with your recipes and your I Am Fabulous book. We have taught many classes from your tear sheet and book. We are so excited to start I Am Worthy, we picked up at convention this year. 

This course was life changing for us. We love the support Desiree provides for us. It’s like we are a great big family. I am so glad I decided to take this course. Thank you Desiree, for always being there for us. We truly love you and your support and knowledge has made such a difference in our lives."

~ Ann Perry
We all have dealt with negative attachments that make us feel heavy and drag us down. In module one, we clear all the dead weight and release anyone and anything that is parasitic to our soul. We then repair any damage from unhealthy relationships and build proper boundaries. It is important to maintain healthy boundaries and increase self-respect, so we can invest our time and energy where it counts.
Have you had visions of your highest and best self? Up on stage speaking into a crowd of thousands? Writing a novel? Opening your own boutique shop? Singing on stage? Blogging your life? We all have had those dreamy visions. And those visions are truth! However, it is difficult to manifest in the physical when your higher self is disintegrated with your body. In this module, we integrate your higher self into your body so that you can easily create your destiny.
Resentment, grudges, bitterness, anger. These are the emotions that tend to get stuck in our body and spirit. Releasing them and experiencing radical forgiveness allows you to be free from the pain. You vibrate at extraordinarily high levels and attract flow into your life when you forgive. This is one of the most important modules in the entire program. Forgiveness = Freedom.
This is a necessary step after experiencing Modules 1-3. There is much energy flowing throughout the body system up to this point. For some, it could keep you up at night with so much excitement and movement happening in your life. This module helps you to feel grounded and calm, while still maintaining smooth flow within your chakras and meridians.
By this point you are feeling connected to the deepest parts of yourself. It is then time to ignite your soul fire! This module will bring up intense passion to live your highest calling. It will become difficult to be idle and ignore what you are destined to create. Expect massive momentum to start by Module 5.
Communication, communication, communication. It is the greatest skill necessary for success. In this module you experience the art of listening, connecting and expression. Speak with clarity and confidence so that your words penetrate the hearts of the people you interact with. People will know who you are and what you are about, and will desire to support you in your journey when you project your voice with grace.
Are you a priority in your day? Replenish is ALL about Self-Care. How vital it is to our well-being, and how to erase the guilt around nourishing ourselves. No more guilt for spending money on massages or buying an outfit. You deserve to be pampered! You deserve to be on the top of your list today and everyday.
Do you ever look constantly happy people and ask “how in the world can they be so happy all the time?” Yes, you too can experience joy majority of the time. There is an abundance of beauty around us at every moment. A child’s laugh, the air we breathe, the shelter we have, a bird flying across our path. If you look at children, they see the world with great wonder and awe. Us adults can experience that too! This module teaches you how to experience the magic of life in every moment and experience more joy.
This module will help you embrace beauty, abundance, peace and love. Most people have a limit on how much joy they can experience. So they self-sabotage by creating drama, go back to worrying about things that haven’t happened. Embrace increases your capacity for experiencing happiness and peace, and break the pattern of “life is just difficult and painful.”
Many of our though patterns have been passed down to us from parents, family, peers, society, media, etc. This module specifically addresses destructive generational patterns that limit our soul from accomplishing its mission on earth. Especially limiting belief patterns of “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not smart enough,” “I don’t have anything extraordinary to off this world.” This also includes substance and behavioral addictions that have destroyed careers and relationships.
The only moment that matters is this current moment. Just Be will help you be focused and present all the time. When we obsess about the past and worry about the future, our vibrations are extremely low. Always come back to the present moment, as it is the only moment that exists.
Abundant flow requires surrender and receiving divine grace. This module helps you to increase your connection with your higher power, increase your intuition and teaches you how to receive abundance. We are all one and connected to the infinite, and never in lack. Once your spirit understands this, then abundance always flows.
"Thanks to Desiree, I have my life back! My Soul feels alive for the first time in 3 decades. Desiree, her knowledge, her energy and her sincere love of helping people is a true blessing. I truly do not have enough words to say THANK YOU! Desiree is the real deal! This may seem to you like how could using oils really help.... It does what Desiree says she can help you with she truly can deliver. My gratitude is beyond words."

~ Crystal
"Desiree is a dream come true! I had been searching for the next step in my wellness journey, and this program landed in my lap. It has been one of the greatest transformational courses I have been a part of. It has shifted my life in a better direction. It has helped me to improve relationships and given me the knowledge to help other people in their journey as well. Desiree brings it all to the table. She holds nothing back in her resolve of using her gifts to help the individual, and change the masses. My clarity, my vision and my perspective have all been heightened. My love for life has improved drastically. I highly recommend this course for you to consider."

~ Danielle Madsen
"Desiree’s Awake Yourself course opened a door to spiritual awakening for me. A journey of self: Healing emotional burdens and truly accepting the gift of me. I went in search of peace and found so much more. She is a true light worker and is a great resource to others who are walking that path."

~ Dena Jensen
"I have been working with essential oils with clients on an emotional level as a therapist for many years.

It wasn’t until I came across Desiree and completed her ‘Awake Yourself’ Course that I begin to have a deeper, expanded, understanding, of also working on the subtle levels and energy points of the body.

Desiree gives so much of herself, she is patience, works with all her students at their own pace, allowing for integration and growth. She has a wealth of wisdom to share in her Awake Course and I am so very grateful to her for all she has given to me both during the course and beyond.

I absolutely love her work and would recommend her course, if you are ready you will ‘Awake Yourself'."

~ Robin Azima
"All I can say is going through Desirée’s “Awake Yourself” course has completely changed my life for the better!! I love her knowledge & wisdom of essential oils and for opening my mind to new ways of using these precious gifts to bust through strongholds, break emotional & spiritual chains, money blocks, knock down barriers and limiting beliefs and so much more!

This course has radically changed my perception about myself, my gifts and what I am called to do in this world! It has offered me a deeper understanding and profound healing. I am forever grateful!"

~ Jasmine Rose
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