Are you ready to experience how worthy you are of love and all your life’s desires? Join Desiree on a 5-week guided journey with essential oils to release shame and build a strong foundation of self-worth. 

It isn’t an intellectual talk about why worthiness matters. This book is experiential. A step-by-step process that integrates Chinese Medicine, energy work and essential oils to release emotional baggage. 

Not only do you release burdens that have been carried for decades, but also instill new patterns of worthiness and self-acceptance. 

Experience the unstoppable you that creates magic and miracles. 
I Am Worthy by Desiree Mangandog, L.Ac.
Do you need to...

  - Clear clutter out of your life?
  - Find direction and clarity?
  - Still your mind?
  - Increase momentum and wealth?
  - Get over heart-break?

Grab of a copy of Desiree's book I am Fabulous - Blends for Emotional Well-Being!

This book is rich with recipes for any emotional support you need. It contains 40 roller bottle blends and 5 diffuser blends. There are multiple blends to benefit you in transitions and experience grace through the common struggles we endure.
"Purchasing “I am Fabulous” was the best decision I have made in my oil journey. I was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder at 19 and severe panic and anxiety the following year. After years of medicines that either didn’t work, or made me feel like a zombie, I found essential oils. 

 When I learned about Desiree and her book I immediately purchased it and started mixing. Her “Still my mind” blend has saved me from panic attacks on more than one occasion and the “Warm Embrace” Blend has helped pull me out of the downhill slides that come with bipolar disorder. 

Through her Q&A’s I received a personal blend that I use daily to help manage my chaotic head and heart, and smell wonderful too! It has given me my own sense of empowerment when managing my illness. I am so thankful for her knowledge and giving spirit."

~ Jennifer Sams
"After seeing changes in friends and watching a bunch of Desiree's online teaching videos, I ordered the "I am Fabulous" Emotional Well-being book and the DIY kit. I created and used the essential oil blends appropriate for me. I was so amazed at the miracle of how effective it was in helping me move out of 'ruts' in various areas of life.

To some people I was 'functioning' well, but I was not a fully 'present' person and daily life for over 10 years was a constant struggle with health, depression, clutter in all areas of life, & worry/anxiety that was almost debilitating. The knowledge and application skills I received from Desiree's book and then in person ARE the difference between functioning and truly thriving!

Thank you Desiree for sharing your gifts with the world! You are an essential oil virtuoso and I am so looking forward for your new book and sharing you with others. Love in health and gratitude."

~ Aileen Osias
"My friends daughter introduced me to DoTerra about a year ago and it was on her Facebook page that I discovered Desirees book "I am Fabulous". It was love at first sight because it`s always been the emotional aspects of the oils that fascinated me most. Oddly enough I didn’t even know that Desiree is also part of the DoTerra family and my first thought was, she should show her book to the DoTerra people, little did I know……

I ordered the book right away and started collecting the oils needed for the blends. Finally I was able to make my first blend: Run with it. It smells amazing. Things in my life slowly started to move and after speaking to Desiree at a Q and A, she suggested that I use the Momentum blend which I did. Guess what happened then. Over night my first novel was published! My book that had been sitting there for a long time, was finally released. 

A little while later I had the opportunity to meet Desiree in person at a „I am Fabulous“ workshop. That day was amazing and life changing for me. I came home and made 3 important decisions: To quit my job in order to start writing another book, to get a dog and to start learning how to dance Salsa. Wow! 

Right now I am doing the Triple Threat, together with my husband: 3 very powerful blends to attract more financial security into our lives: More Money, Manifestors and - again - the Momentum blend. Now, after 5 weeks I am taking a little break because things feels stuck. You might have noticed by now that I am a little impatient:) Desiree then suggested the I Love Myself blend which feels wonderful and is just what I need right now. 

I can feel that the different oils really work. The great thing is that whenever I have doubts or questions coming up, I check with her and she always seems to have the right answer. 
I am curious to find out where the triple threat is going to take us and I know already, it will be a heavenly space.

By the way, our puppy is 5 months old, we are starting intermediate level Salsa tomorrow and my new book, which tells the story of my immigration to Canada, is already half written……
Thank you Desiree, I wouldn’t be here without you." 

~ Saskia Schanz
"My absolute favorite is "Still My Mind"! As a Wife, Mom, Homeschool Teacher, Business Owner, and so much more, my mind is always busy. Applying the "Still My Mind" blend is my go to, to help calm all of that mind chatter down. I love to roll it on the inside of my elbow crease, the back of my neck and temples right before I go to bed; so that when my head hits the pillow, my mind can relax. My daughter, (8 years old) also loves to use this blend to help her go to sleep! Thank you Desiree, for this blend and so many more that inspire change and healing in my life!"

~ Johanna Bradley
"I put Speak your Truth on my throat before my counseling appointments and boy do words fly out of my mouth! I also use it when I need to talk and I am nervous, say before class or bringing up a hard topic with my husband. It helps to bring words from my brain to my tongue.

Bye bye baggage is also great for decluttering your house, garage and your emotional baggage. You should see the yard sale pile I have and the weight that I have emotionally shed, I feel lighter in my soul. "

~ Amanda Hill
"I have been using the Manifestor’s Blend for several months and have successfully manifested an array of what I have put my focus on. It has made a huge difference in my life. It has also allowed me to stay within my faith and know that God will provide what I need. It truly has helped me release stress and know that I can manifest my dreams to reality. Thank you so much!"

~ Kori Abell
"Still My Mind helped me when I had jet lag and could not sleep! Applied Still my mind and got great nights sleep. Also sometimes can't go to sleep for hours because of my mind racing. Applied Still My Mind and was able to get good night’s sleep. Love this blend!"

~ Wanda Stephens Thomas
"My first blend experience was generously given to me by a friend. When my mom passed away from cancer a few months ago, my friend made my dad, sister, and me a roller of Out of Darkness. I used it multiple times a day, whenever I felt the flood gates opening or when I just felt despair. I began to find comfort in the scent. Knowing each oil was giving my heart and soul something it needed. The oils and love behind the gift made coping with the loss of my amazing mom a little easier to bear. I was and am able to cope better knowing that she is free and someday I will see here again. The Out of Darkness blend didn't make me numb, it simply provided another source of joy and hope at such a difficult time."

~ Abby Rose
"Fairytale is my absolute favorite blend. No matter how bad my days seems as soon as I apply it to my wrists and inhale the scent my day totally turns around. I have been trying to find the right blend for my bi-polar and so far this is the best solution I have found. Thank you for always sharing your blends and the thought process behind them."

~ Wendi Smith
"The Committed blend helped me do things as a mom that I put off to do and procrastinate. Since I started using the committed blend six months ago I have adapted this habit of following through with the task that I need to do and it helps me feel good about myself. Gives me the energy every day to do whatever I've committed myself to do my pile of paperwork from working at home or from putting away the piles of laundry."

~ Sara Gomez
Come and join Desiree Mangandog to catapult growth in your business! This workshop is focused on the doTERRA business builder who is ready to overcome money blocks that hinder productivity, creativity and momentum. She will help you reframe your relationship to money, so that it is healthy and empowering.
I Am Fabulous by Desiree Mangandog, L.Ac.